Flight Operations

  1. Flight Operations

    The GATS Flight Operations Team is currently operating SOFIE and SABER in orbit for NASA, and working on the development of operations for SAGE-III on the International Space Station. GATS flight operations duties include routine health and performance monitoring, short- and long- term trending, data analysis, Level 0 data processing, and instrument commanding. GATS has provided payload operations support for many instruments, including CALIPSO, SAGE-III, and HALOE. The GATS team has solid heritage in developing spacecraft and payload systems that operate either autonomously or with minimal operator interaction.

    Data Processing & Management

  2. Data Processing & Management

    GATS is maintaining data systems for four major satellite experiments: LIMS, HALOE, SABER, and SOFIE. These include data extraction, visualization, backup and archive facilities. Our tools form the basis of much of the validation and intercomparison efforts for each instrument.

    Instrument Design

  3. Instrument Design

    GATS provided critical design support for HALOE, SABER, and SOFIE. In addition, GATS has designed instrument concepts for many proposed missions. Each year, GATS scientists review dozens of peer-reviewed papers and NASA proposals. Larry Gordley was the original Instrument Principal Investigator on SOFIE, and Dr. Mark Hervig has now assumed this role.

    Retrieval Algorithms

  4. Retrieval Algorithms

    Scientists and programmers at GATS have written complete retrieval processing systems for four major NASA remote-sensing programs: LIMS, HALOE, SABER, and SOFIE. This includes Level 0, Level 1, and Level 2 software, as well as visualization and validation tools. GATS LinePak™ and BandPak™ radiative transfer libraries form the building blocks of the forward models used by many operating and historical atmospheric remote-sensing missions. GATS scientists have published dozens of important papers on atmospheric properties, clouds, aerosols, and trace gases.

  1. Spectral Analysis

  2. Spectral Analysis

    The GATS LinePak™ package is an industry standard line-by-line spectral modeling library and has been used in a number of NASA and European satellite remote-sensing missions. LinePak™ is at the heart of the Spectral Calculator, SpectralCalc.com, a web-based high-resolution spectral modeling tool. The GATS Spectral Calculator is now an industry accepted tool for modeling and validating trace gas spectroscopy, and is used by thousands of researchers around the world.