Selected Publications



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Selected Presentations



Gordley, L.L., B.T. Marshall, D.C. Fritts, J. Fisher, and M. Klein, "CUAD: Constellation for Upper Atmosphere Dynamics", GSFC Seminar, December 1, 2017.

Gordley, L.L., B.T. Marshall, D.C. Fritts, and J. Fisher, "Limb Sensing, on the Path to Better Weather Forecasting", AGU Conference 2017, Poster#: A43H-2573, December, 2017.

Gordley, L.L., Marshall, B.T., "GHAPS: A New Green House and Pollutant gas column Sensor", AGU Conference 2013, Poster #: 1N41C-1625, December 2013.

Larry L. Gordley, Benjamin T. Marshall, David Fritts, Martin J. McHugh, Shane Roark, Robert Pierce, Richard W. Dissly, Bill Frazier, "DWTS Wind and Temperature measurements", Poster #: SA11A-2127, December 2011.